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From Sandeep Chayapathi <>
Subject Activemq 4.0.2 - stops sending message after some time
Date Mon, 06 Nov 2006 22:17:37 GMT
Hi all,

  Recently I noticed that the activemq would stop sending message to the 
consumers after some time. Here is a unscientific test to duplicate this 
The test involved creating around 7 durable subscriptions and ctrl+c'ing 
them. Once the durable subscriptions were registered, around 8 publisher 
processes were started, each process wrote a 'fortune cookie' , in an 
infiniteloop, to the activemq server. In parallel,  3 subscriber 
processes were started. The 3 subscribers were randomly stopped and 
started, cyclically. At about 15000 messages (on each of the 8 write 
processes), activemq stopped sending the message to to the subscribers 
and the publisher processes hung on "syswrite" to activemq.  Then 
another publisher process was started, activemq actually accepted 
messages, but none of the subscribers received it.

The next test involved, using mysql as the data store (instead of the 
default journalled db). The same steps were followed and at about 18000 
messages (on each of the 8 processes), activemq stopped sending messages 
to the subscribers.

Im using activemq 4.0.2. Any suggestions/help is appreciated. Thanks

- Sandeep

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