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From "Timothy Bish" <>
Subject RE: Problem with STOMP C++ Client connecting with a AMQ Broker having Authorization and Authentication Plugins installed
Date Wed, 08 Nov 2006 15:04:57 GMT

> Thanks for your reply.
> We are not getting any errors when we are trying to send/receive message.
> What we require here is that, when we are sending wrong credentials to the
> AMQ Broker, the C++ ActiveMQ client should be able to get the
> Authentication
> failed error code.

Right we get that, we just wanted to know how much functionality the stomp
client had when connected with bad credentials.  Sounds like none is what
you're seeing.

> The 'CONNECTED' message is not being sent by AMQ Broker at all, as the
> plug-in is installed in the Broker.
> This 'CONNECTED' message we are receiving in the SocketInputStream.cpp
> class
> present under C++ ActiveMQ client.

The connected message would have to be coming from the Broker as the CPP
client wouldn't spuriously create one for you.  We are looking into what the
correct behavior should be given the limitations of the stomp protocol.  

We'll keep you posted on the fix.


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