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From Oleg Deribas <>
Subject Re: Using ActiveMQ from .NET compact framework
Date Tue, 10 Oct 2006 14:33:30 GMT

James Strachan said the following on 10.10.2006 15:38:

>> It seems that this mailing list doesn't accept attachments... :-(
> yeah - though you can attach stuff to the website wiki or JIRA

Should I create issue regarding compact framework compatibility in jira?

>> >> NMS project building is fine, but there are small problems
>> >> with activemq project - it uses Monitor.PulseAll and Monitor.Wait
>> >> methods not supported by compact framework. I'll try to investigate if
>> >> it is possible to avoid these methods usage.
>> >
>> > I wonder if there's an alternative way of doing these kinds of
>> > monitors / semaphores in .Net?
>> Yes. Possibly it could be done just with plain locks. I'm currently
>> trying to do so.
> Note that we use lock a fair bit, we're using Monitor for inter-thread
> notifications rather than mutually exclusive locking. Or idd I
> misunderstand you there?

I think it is possible to replace Monitor.Wait(semaphore, maxWait) with:

autoResetEvent.WaitOne(maxWait, false);

and Monitor.PulseAll(semaphore) with:


but maybe, class which uses AutoResetEvent should implement IDisposable
interface and call autoResetEvent.Close() in Dispose method.


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