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From "Holger Hoffstaette" <>
Subject BytesMessage vs. already compressed byte[] payloads - fixed in 4.x?
Date Wed, 18 Oct 2006 21:44:35 GMT


ActiveMQ 3.x unconditionally uncompresses BytesMessages whose input byte[]
was already compressed with the JDK-builtin GZip stuff. This is obviously
wrong since the compressed original byte[] should come out on the other
end, not the huge uncompressed payload. Is this fixed in 4.x? I figured I
ask before I forward-port. This bug makes ActiveMQ susceptible to DOS
attacks, even unintentionally if someone sends a meager 10 MB of
compressed XML over the wire that is exploded to >1GB, taking the VM with
A simple ActiveMQ-specific prepended tag indicating transport-level
compression (or not) would help to distinguish between the two. If this
warrants a JIRA please yell.


PS:, s/zip/gzip/r ;)

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