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From Oleg Deribas <>
Subject Re: Using ActiveMQ from .NET compact framework
Date Mon, 09 Oct 2006 13:49:07 GMT

James Strachan said the following on 06.10.2006 20:49:

>> I've tried it. I've created two additional projects (attached) for the
>> solution. 

It seems that this mailing list doesn't accept attachments... :-(

>> NMS project building is fine, but there are small problems
>> with activemq project - it uses Monitor.PulseAll and Monitor.Wait
>> methods not supported by compact framework. I'll try to investigate if
>> it is possible to avoid these methods usage.
> I wonder if there's an alternative way of doing these kinds of
> monitors / semaphores in .Net? 

Yes. Possibly it could be done just with plain locks. I'm currently
trying to do so.

There is also problem with LoggingTransport - it uses
System.Diagnostics.Trace.WriteLine method which is also not supported in
compact framework. I think it could be replaced with log4net.

> BTW does .Net compact framework support threads?

Yes. But not all methods are supported.

>> And I think payload compression is still a feature that has not yet
>> been implemented in the .NET client implementation.
>> But payload compression is the part of protocol specification?
> Yes - using GZip

So it could be implemented using System.IO.Compression for .NET 2.0
And this namespace isn't supported in compact framework and .NET 1.1 -
so SharpZipLib could be used instead...


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