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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Using ActiveMQ from .NET compact framework
Date Fri, 06 Oct 2006 17:49:29 GMT
On 10/6/06, Oleg Deribas <> wrote:
> Hello,
> Hiram Chirino said the following on 06.10.2006 19:47:
> > I don't see why it would not work.. Why don't you setup it up and let us
> > know how it goes.
> I've tried it. I've created two additional projects (attached) for the
> solution. NMS project building is fine, but there are small problems
> with activemq project - it uses Monitor.PulseAll and Monitor.Wait
> methods not supported by compact framework. I'll try to investigate if
> it is possible to avoid these methods usage.

I wonder if there's an alternative way of doing these kinds of
monitors / semaphores in .Net? BTW does .Net compact framework support

> >> And I have another question - how much traffic required for one simple
> >> message (like event notification)? I will use GPRS connection from PDA,
> >> so traffic is not cheap...
> >
> > We use lots of tricks in openwire to keep the message sizes as small as
> > possible but that does not deal with the message content compression.
> I mean just what overhead of wrapping data into messages. For example,
> for empty message - what is the smallest possible message size?

Its probably simplest to send an empty message and see how many bytes it uses :)

> > And I think payload compression is still a feature that has not yet been
> > implemented in the .NET client implementation.
> But payload compression is the part of protocol specification?

Yes - using GZip

> Anyway compression could be implemented on the application level.

Sure - though its easy to support in openwire



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