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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Sending a message to all message group consumers
Date Tue, 03 Oct 2006 14:33:14 GMT
On 10/3/06, Banana Man <> wrote:
> Thanks alot for the quick response.
> That sounds really good but I've no idea what it means. ;o)


> I was intending to use message groups for their sticky session behaviour...
> load balancing etc. I was intending to have multiple producers write to the
> q and let the broker load balance by group id.

Sounds like the perfect use case for message groups.

> Please can you expand a bit.

Going back to your original question...

> 1 feature that I think I read about, but now can not locate, is the ability
> to (on occasion) request the broker to send a single message to all
> consumers in the group that it knows about?

There is no such feature AFAIK. So message groups mean that all
messages sent to a queue for a single group value (JMSXGroupID) are
sent to the same single consumer. The only way to send a message to
all available consumers on a queue would be to ensure those consumers
also subscribe to a topic so you can send messages to all consumers
via the topic and send to exactly one consumer via the queue (with
sticky load balancing)

You can use advisories or JMX to discover what consumers are available
if that helps?



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