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From Anulok <>
Subject Re: NMS C# client Recieve not timing out
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2006 18:32:42 GMT

How about just putting in in a separate thread and that way you could let the
thread that calls consumer.Receive() just hang until another message arrives
while your main thread does some other work?

robottaway wrote:
> I am guessing that the Recieve function on the ActiveMQ message consumer
> in the NMS api should return null when no messages are on a queue. I am
> not seeing this. I try to check for messages after receive, making sure
> that they are not null. What happens is that execution stops at the
> consumer.Receive() call, and does not move forward until a message comes
> into the queue. 
> What I am trying to do is the following: I have a windows service that
> will consume messages from a queue. When it starts up I want to try and
> read all messages on the queue. Once the initial messages are done being
> read I want to have the consumer stop, and another consumer with a
> MessageListener takes over. I register the MessageListener on another
> consumer so that any new messages that come into the queue will be read
> asynchronously.
> I can make one or the other work, but not both. This is because the
> Receive function does not return when there are no messages on the queue I
> am reading from.

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