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From David Jones <>
Subject Not receiving errors for incorrect message headers
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2006 17:47:50 GMT


Not sure if this is now a moot point after the discussion on this post
(, but I've been
enhancing (read, "messing") the original Perl Stomp modules found on
Codehaus. After a bit of to- and fro-ing, I connected up to an ActiveMQ
4.0.1 server as a publisher using Telnet, and had my suspicions confirmed --
you don't get errors for malformed messages as they happen.
More specifically, there is no reply to a malformed BEGIN message and this
strikes me as something which might be important. The original code had no
'transaction' specified in the header, and this was obviously incorrect --
although less obvious given that the ERROR frame was not received until
attempting to SEND a message to the server.

My conversation with the server went like this (server output in bold):

Connected to (
Escape character is '^]'.


receipt: mymessage-002


receipt: mymessage-003

This is a message! I should have gotten an error AGES ago..
message:Must specify the transaction you are beginning


Connection closed by foreign host.

Is this because of the asynchronous behaviour of the messaging system? Are
there any other surprises like this which aren't obvious without tinkering?
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