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From sanne <>
Subject Gridcomputing over JMS
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2006 17:12:58 GMT


If would like to use JMS for loadbalancing and failover. Basically there are
6 web frontends which have to send search requests to say 10 search servers.
I hope ActiveMQ can help provide the technology to build this. 

Maybe the best solution would be to introduce a central broker where all the
requests are gathered and scattered.
But, this provides extra maintanance, and a single point of failure. So I
would like to embed brokers in the web frontends and/or in the search

The way I see it is that the web frontends post the requests on a queue
named requestQueue, with a JMSReplyTo that is specific to the web frontend.
One of the search servers reads the request from the requestQueue and posts
the reply on the designated queue.

As far as i can see the network of brokers option in ActiveMQ provides such
an option. What would be the best way to solve this? As far as the
requestQueue goes, message ordering is not that important: as long as the
requests get fullfilled by a random search server I'm happy. Total ordering
of the requests across the web frontends is not necessary. The amount of
messages would be 100 - 200 per second over a 100Mb network with good

At the moment I'm trying out ActiveMQ 3.2.2, as the download links of the
4.x links are not working. Any suggestions on what options would give the
best results?


Sanne de Roever

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