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From sileshi <>
Subject Re: Alternatives to stomp
Date Thu, 19 Oct 2006 13:41:49 GMT

I now know the reason why Java JMS client message I was sending to 
Perl Stomp client did not get to Perl side. The reason is the Java JMS
client sending Bytes message and The Net::Stomp module's receive_frame()
could not read the socket. Everytime it reads zero length bytes.

But if I sent Text message from the JMS client, no problem.
Thanks for the help.


James.Strachan wrote:
> On 10/16/06, sileshi <> wrote:
>> The two weeks I have been working on Stomp, I have found it simple and
>> powerful messaging protocol.
>> It is an http of the messaging domain. After saying that, I'm a bit
>> disappointed by ActiveMQ stomp
>> server implementation, but like Hiram said that could be fixed.
>> For those who use Stomp on Perl, I highly recommend the Net::Stomp 0.31
>> perl
>> module from CPAN.
>> I have the same issues regarding JMX info about Enqueued and Dequeued
>> message being incorrect
>> and sometimes confusing. But the biggest problem I have with it is that
>> when
>> I mix Java and Perl producers/consumers, it seems no message is being
>> passed
>> from Java client to Perl or the other way.
>> If I use producer/consumer Perl-to-Perl or Java-to-Java,  no problem, but
>> if
>> I mix, no message gets delivered.
>> Unless I miss something, the default server and stomp server are separate
>> domains and message arrived
>> to a topic on default server, can not be delivered to subscribers of
>> stomp
>> side of the same topic.
> No - there is just 1 domain. It doesn't matter what transport,
> protocol or client you use.
>> I may be mistaken, but it seems that ActiveMQ default connector and stomp
>> connector have their
>> own destination space.
> I'm afraid you are mistaken :)
>> My understanding was message sent a
>> destination(queue, topic) will be
>> delivered to consumers of thsoe destination(queue, topic), irrespective
>> of
>> how they connected
>> to activemq or which server(default, stomp) they connected to.
>> May be someone in the deveolpment team could tell us some of the design
>> points regarding these
>> issues. Well, it is late at night...I will stop now.
> The most likely reason is mismatch in the JMS destination names and
> the ones used in the Stomp protocol. The quickest way to disagnose the
> issue is to start with queues, then use the JMX console to look at the
> destination names being used by Java and Perl clients to check you've
> got the naming conventions correct etc.
> -- 
> James
> -------

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