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From yaussy <>
Subject Re: surprising performance tuning result with activemq 4.0.1
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2006 20:18:40 GMT

Just to add - I switched from using the default (journal+derbydb) to Kaha. 
Wow - what a difference.  The derbydb, once the checkpointing starts, very
much gets in the way.  I think we probably have fairly slow disks in the dev
env we were testing on, but nevertheless, switching to Kaha was
night-and-day.  On a fairly slow machine, 8 cpu's at 1.349ghz, we could get
a little over 1000/sec (not sure of message size off the top of my head, but
not big/not little - maybe 1k?) between one producer and one consumer.

James.Strachan wrote:
> On 10/11/06, Jamie McCrindle <> wrote:
>> Hi James,
>> > Am wondering if you're hitting a slightly different issue though - of
>> > the RAM / gc impact of using the journal causing pauses versus the
>> > much simpler write to JDBC
>> Could be. The test cases run from pretty small to pretty large and they
>> all
>> seem to have the same results. I'm doing the tests on my dev box but
>> hopefully we'll get a chance to do more on a box that matches our
>> production
>> scenario a little better (remote sql server, dedicated box, lots of
>> memory)
>> and I'll see what the numbers look like between them and get them back to
>> you.
>> > BTW it'd be interesting to see the performance if you tried kaha
>> > instead of JDBC, just to get an idea of relative speed
>> Will do as soon as we move to 4.1 (I assume it's only available in 4.1)
>> and
>> get back to you with the results. That said, as soon as 4.1 goes live,
>> we're
>> going to move to Shared JDBC Master / Slave which is why I was trying to
>> get
>> an idea of what the performance of pure JDBC was like.
> Yeah - its a very cool option :)
> Thanks for the heads up - I was just nosy to find out kaha v JDBC with
> SQLServer :)
> -- 
> James
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