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From scottj <>
Subject RE: ActiveMQ and the AS/400
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2006 13:19:40 GMT

Further background:  Production data is on the AS/400.  This AS/400 is for
the core business.  We are looking to keep data up to date on a MS SQL
server at another location for a new biz's website.  So as data is updated
on the AS/400, 'messages' need to be sent to the new biz's server in some
shape or form.  The developers working on the new biz's website suggested
JMS.  I did some research and ActiveMQ bubbled to the top.  The main worry
on their side is 'guaranteed delivery'. 'Guaranteed delivery' in my mind
handles things like the network between the servers is down and the network
goes down in the midle of transmitting a message.  Something that the JMS
spec seems to provide. Hense their suggestion.  Please correct me if this is
not really true.

I would like to use ActiveMQ by having it running on the AS400 and on the
new biz's server.  Applications on the AS400 would write messages to the
ActiveMQ on the AS400.  ActiveMQ on AS400 would then handle getting the
messages to the other server's ActiveMQ.  Applications on the new biz's
server would handle the messages on that side.  Ideally, I would like to
keep the number of 'hoops' on the AS400 to a minimum. Meaning. having an RPG
program write the messages to ActiveMQ directly in some way.  I was thinking
the socket/http route, but I am having troubles finding docs on these types
of connections.

By default, I am a RPGIV programmer who can read Java(write a little).  Yes,
RPG can read/write from/to DataQueues with ease.  My suggestion from the
beginning was to use the JTOpen and DataQueues.  I had done that at another
company to replace IBM's MQ Series.  The problem I have with this approach
is the 'guaranteed delivery'.  I did not see how JTOpen and DataQueues
handled this sticking point. That is unless you can offer further insight on
that approach(maybe off-line).

-- Scott

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