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From Rob Lugt <>
Subject Re: Using ActiveMQ from .NET compact framework
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2006 09:19:30 GMT

Rob Lugt wrote:
>>There is also problem with LoggingTransport - it uses
>>System.Diagnostics.Trace.WriteLine method which is also not supported in
>>compact framework. I think it could be replaced with log4net.
> I'm surprised System.Diagnostics.Trace is not supported in the compact
> framework.  I don't use the CF, but this document from MS indicates it is
> supported:-
> I think Log4net is a great tool, but in a conversation I had with James S
> he stated a desire to minimise the dependencies on other libraries - which
> I agree with.  If Trace is supported, then it probably won't be hard to
> register a Listener which simply passes the trace events on to a Log4Net
> log - but this will be under the control of the application rather than
> the activemq-dotnet library.

A quick Google just answered my question about Trace support (it isn't):-

I think this leaves us with two possible options:-
1) use Log4Net
2) create a static Trace class within the ActiveMQ namespace and pass all
trace calls through this.  This could then be a central place where trace
events are dispatched to the desired logging system.

(1) has the advantage that log4net is good and we aren't re-inventing any
wheels, but has the disadvantage that we are creating a build dependency on
Log4Net - which almost certainly isn't going to be currently used by all the
projects targeting AMQ
(2) has the advantage that we are creating no dependencies, but we are
re-inventing a Trace interface.

Of the two, I think I favour (2).  If everyone is in agreement I'm prepared
to make this a global change today (also replacing code where
activemq-dotnet currently writes to the Console.


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