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From "Charles Anthony" <>
Subject RE: ActiveMQ and the AS/400
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2006 07:37:06 GMT

Yes indeed, we use ActiveMQ on AS/400 running on OS400[1] (among other
platforms). We've only been using it to talk to java programs. However,
for one of our clients we've developed a way for native AS400 apps to
talk to our java applications - AS400 Data Queues. Using the IBM
Toolkit/JTOpen, you can read and write messages from AS400 Data Queues
(which, for those of you tagging along for the ride, are persistent
native queue structures that can be used to pass messages between
separate processes). 

Whilst we've not developed in RPG (our legacy application is 98% COBOL +
2%C), I am almost certain it is possible to read & write to/from a data
queue in RPG.

Now, we didn't need to use JMS in this scenario - but it would be
trivial to write bridge to exchange data between an AS400 Data Queue and
a JMS Queue. It would probably have to be domain specific, unless you
restrict yourslef to Text Messages - which is entirely reasonable, and
there is a maximum message size of 64K on a Data Queue.

There's not really enough info in your message to proffer further advice
(and indeed, advice may not be wanted!), but I would suggest that if
your needs are relatively simple - you need one or two RPG/Cobol apps to
send a few messages into a Java application - you could just use AS400
Data Queues and skip ActiveMQ completely. If you need a bit more
sophistication on the Java side (e.g. message selectors) then I would
suggest doing a bridge as loosely described above.

Hope That Helps,


[1] I mention this simply because it is possible to run Linux on AS400
too - and whilst we haven't got any production clients using it in this
way, until recently running java on Linux on AS400 is actually the most
performant way of running java apps on an AS400. Some of our recent
performance tests on the new J9 JVM in V5R4 of 0S400 challenge this
assertion, however. Of course, you may be asking "Why Run Linux On A
Very Expensive Bit Of Kit Like An AS400, When You can Run It On
Comparitively Cheap Hardware". To which the response is usually along
the lines of Hardware Consolidation, Reliability, and big IT Departments
Like AS400s. But I digress.

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> From: scottj [] 
> Sent: 11 October 2006 23:55
> To:
> Subject: ActiveMQ and the AS/400
> I have been able to get ActiveMQ running on the AS/400.  Have 
> not played with it yet though.  I have read a couple of post 
> that it seems others have done the same (Charles Anthony 
> being one?.?.).
> For those that have run ActiveMQ on the AS/400, if needed how 
> did you "talk"
> to native programs?  
> Did you only use Java?  What about RPG programs?
> I would really like to have a RPG program put messages into 
> ActiveMQ directly, but am unsure if possible and/or what my 
> options would be.
> Thanks,
>    Scott
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