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From "Charles Anthony" <>
Subject Failover Advice
Date Tue, 03 Oct 2006 14:37:38 GMT
I'm looking for some advice, please, on possible failover approaches.
We have a single standalone ActiveMQ Broker, and both application
clients and an application servers connective to the broker via tcp.
The messages are non-persistent, and we have persitence turned off on
the ActiveMQ Broker.
The application server actually resides on the same server as the
ActiveMQ server; the clients are coming in over a VPN connection.
We have two internet lines coming in - and sometimes we need to swap
lines, due to routing problems. Our IT chaps tinker away with some
VPN/router settings, and hey presto, the TCP traffic is rerouted over
the other line.
Sometimes, though not always, it seems this causes the TCP Connections
to ActiveMQ to hang (sometimes they go to TCP_WAIT states). 
Now, obviously I'd rather the connections didn't go belly up - but
anecodotally (i.e. through observation, not through proof) they do
occasionally do this.
How can I set up a fail over scenario here ? Our broker, and all the
clietns and servers are configured using URLs; the Broker currently
listens on 

The application server connections to the same url
The clients connect using a dns-resolved name,
I'm actually not bothered if existing messages get lost - what I don't
want to do is restart my application server, because we have some
lengthy initialisation logic which can take up to half an hour.
Would this work (yes, I know I should just try it - but SHOULD this
work) : 
configure two separate ActiveMQ Brokers on the same machine 
Broker 1 tcp://localhost:61616
Broker 2 tcp://localhost:61700
Configure the clients/application server to use a  failover URL :

Would that make any sense ?

We're using a snapshopt of ActiveMQ 4.0 from May.

Excuse the hurried email that probably doesn't make a great deal of
sense; disgruntled clients are applying pressure...



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