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From "Bish, Tim" <>
Subject RE: release for activemq
Date Tue, 10 Oct 2006 04:05:02 GMT
# Lalit Nagpal # wrote:
> Hi 
> If somebody could help me with these questions, I would be able to
> my managers on using activemq.
> Q1. We wanted to know whether their are any plans for an official
release of
> activemq (with c++).
We don't currently do official releases of the activemq-cpp code, once
we do it would still not be included with the broker.  Activemq-cpp is
separate from the broker.

> Q2. Is activemq-cpp api being used in production anywhere. Any
examples of
> active usage would definitely help me convince my managers.
Its currently being used by the company I work for.  We aren't aware yet
who all is using it besides us, we welcome people to report back how its
working for them. 

> Q3. Any stats on efficiency would be '+' for me to know about
There is some performance data on the ActiveMQ site for the broker.  We
don't currently have any performance data for the cpp client readily

> Please help me with these questions so that I can promote activemq-cpp
> within my organization
> Regards
> Lalit Nagpal

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