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From Marc Dumontier <>
Subject Re: ForwardingBridge - how do i do it?
Date Thu, 26 Oct 2006 14:09:40 GMT
 From the ForwardingBridgeTest, I kind of put this together 
quickly...seems to work so far..need to do testing though
let me know if this is the right path

        BrokerService brokerBean = (BrokerService)ctx.getBean("broker");
        try {           
            URI localUri = new URI("vm://localhost");
            Transport localTransport = TransportFactory.connect(localUri);
            URI remoteUri = new URI("tcp://localhost:61616");
            Transport remoteTransport = TransportFactory.connect(remoteUri);
            ForwardingBridge bridge = new 


        }catch(Exception e) {

Marc Dumontier wrote:

> Hi,
> I had asked this question a while back but never got any responses...I 
> still really need to figure out how to do this in order to use the 
> product. Hopefully someone can send me in the right direction
> currently, when using spring based config, i can create a network 
> connector like
>    <networkConnectors>
>        <networkConnector uri="static:(tcp://localhost:61616)" 
> failover="true"/>
>    </networkConnectors>
> From the documentation, I gather this creates a DemandForwardingBridge 
> - meaning that messages are stored on the local broker until a 
> consumer (connected to the remote broker) polls for it or something 
> (store-and-forward?). That's my understanding anyway.
> What I need is the ForwardingBridge where messages will be forwarded 
> immediately from the local broker to the remote broker regardless of 
> anything else. If the remote broker isn't available, then the local 
> broker would hang on to the message until the remote broker is 
> available once again. when the connection is re-established, all 
> messages queued up on the local broker is forwarded immediately.
> Can anyone help me configure this behavior? Can I do it using spring 
> config..or do i have to create and link the objects in code? btw:I'm 
> using 4.0
> Thanks,
> Marc Dumontier

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