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From Marc Dumontier <>
Subject ForwardingBridge - how do i do it?
Date Thu, 26 Oct 2006 13:38:03 GMT

I had asked this question a while back but never got any responses...I 
still really need to figure out how to do this in order to use the 
product. Hopefully someone can send me in the right direction

currently, when using spring based config, i can create a network 
connector like

        <networkConnector uri="static:(tcp://localhost:61616)" 

 From the documentation, I gather this creates a DemandForwardingBridge 
- meaning that messages are stored on the local broker until a consumer 
(connected to the remote broker) polls for it or something 
(store-and-forward?). That's my understanding anyway.

What I need is the ForwardingBridge where messages will be forwarded 
immediately from the local broker to the remote broker regardless of 
anything else. If the remote broker isn't available, then the local 
broker would hang on to the message until the remote broker is available 
once again. when the connection is re-established, all messages queued 
up on the local broker is forwarded immediately.

Can anyone help me configure this behavior? Can I do it using spring 
config..or do i have to create and link the objects in code? btw:I'm 
using 4.0


Marc Dumontier

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