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Subject Bug AMQ-810 not fixed properly yet?
Date Wed, 18 Oct 2006 12:15:45 GMT

with a network of brokers and conduit subscriptions there is a known bug in version 4.0.1,
that under certain conditions prevents subscribers from getting events. 
According to the issue tracker the bug is fixed with version 4.0.2.
I know, that 4.0.2 is not released yet, so maybe I'm a little to early, but I retested the
problem yesterday with 4.0.2-RC4 (
and found the behaviour has changed, but it's still not correct. Now there are duplicated
Should I submit a bug report, or is the bug-fixing for AMQ-810 still ongoing? 

Linda Floren

My test does the following:
I have two brokers A and B linked to each other with conduitSubscriptions=true.
I have a publisher on A and subscribers with messageSelectors on B (and an identical set of
subscribers on A for sanity check).

In 4.0.1 the behavior was as follows:
On broker B only the subscribers with a messageSelector that was a subset of the messageSelector
of the first subscription made on B received events. Subscribers with different messageSelectors
received nothing.

With 4.0.2-RC4 the behaviour is as follows:
If on broker B n subscribers have identical messageSelectors, they receive each matching event
n times!

Without messageSelectors everything works fine.

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