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From Pico Florin <>
Subject Security - how to?
Date Tue, 10 Oct 2006 14:58:43 GMT
    I have a P2P architecture where many clients send messages to  JMS server installed on
a web server (Resin). The messages that the  client send to be persisted in DB installed on
on the server side.  Before that operation the client should be authenticated against this
 database installed on the server side. The client should send its  credentials in order to
be authorized.
    Now the problem:
     I have seen that in the JMS API exists a method:
  ConnectionFactory.createConnection(String userName, String password)
  but I think that these credentials are for the service installed on the  server in order
to be connected to it, but I am afraid I cannot use the  client's credentials for the application.(E.g.
user1/pw1 authorized to  be connected to the JMS server and use the service, user2/pw2  authorized
to be connected to the JMS server and use the service, etc).  These credentials are also on
the DB server installed on the server.  The question is: am I wrong with this opinion or not?
If yes, what  should I write in the server side in order to accept many clients to be  connected?
      Another solution is to set up a object property in header  of the message, where I put
my credentials encrypted. But is that ok(is  this a real solution)?
   Any ideas and suggestions are appreciated.
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