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From snacktime <>
Subject Re: memory use, problems with stomp
Date Mon, 16 Oct 2006 18:42:02 GMT
> By 'break' do you mean getting an OutOfMemoryException? If so try
> setting your heap to something large like -Xmx512m - Derby tends to
> hog a fair bit of RAM. If you don't want to run with a large heap try
> switching to mysql or postgresql.

No, I don't get any error messages at all.  Here is what I do.

-  send 20,000 messages into the queue and disconnect
- connect/subscribe to the queue and read the messages back out
- repeat

After 4-6 cycles of this the messages just stop coming out of the
queue.  For example I'll be reading the queue which has 15,000
messages in it, and it will just stop after reading 5000.  If I
disconnect JMX still shows a consumer.  If I connect again JMX shows
one message consumed, but the client never gets it, and if I
disconnect JMX now shows 2 consumers still connected, and so on.
Every time I connect after this it's the same pattern.  JMX shows one
message consumed, client gets nothing, and another consumer is shown
in JMX.

During this time activemq goes from around 50mb resident ram to around
160.  There is still free memory and no exceptions or errors.

I just repeated this whole process again while writing this.


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