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From snacktime <>
Subject Issues with stomp
Date Fri, 13 Oct 2006 23:48:37 GMT
I've been testing out activemq for a couple of days now.  We would be
using it as a standalone MQ with perl/ruby clients connecting to it.
So far, it's not been good.  Active MQ falls over without hardly
trying when using stomp.  Basically, it's easy to get it in a
condition where it thinks there are consumers or subscribers that
don't exist, and then it's impossible to read any remaining messages
in the queue.   Either there will be consumers showing that don't
exist, or subscribers showing in the broker but no consumer in the
queue.  Queue counts strangely go into negative numbers, and a restart
doesn't have any effect.  When a queue is stuck, I have also noticed
that if I try to connect as a consumer my client doesn't see anything,
but JMX shows the queue count going down by one.  And if I restart
activemq it will show that 1 transaction was recovered.

To get activemq into this state I will either forcibly disconnect a
consumer in a bad way a couple of times, or if I send enough messages
into the queue then it also locks up.  By locking up I mean consumers
cannot read from the queue, and new consumers get 'stuck' after
disconnecting, which activemq thinking they are still reading from the
queue. At the same time activemq starts eating up large chunks of
memory, going from 70mb ram to 120mb or more in a short time period.
Roughly 10mb per 10,000 very short messages.

I'm seeing most of these issues in both 4.0.1 and the latest RC of
4.0.2.  This is on freebsd 6.1 and I've tried both the native jdk1.5
and linux-blackdown 1.4.  The client is the ruby stomp client.  I am
not a java developer, but I'd be happy to provide any information that
might help solve these issues, as they are definitely prohibiting us
from using activemq.  Which is unfortunate because from everything
else I have seen there really isn't anything else in the open source
world which compares.

Payment Online Inc

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