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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Sender Name/ID
Date Mon, 25 Sep 2006 11:40:26 GMT
On 9/23/06, Kelly Campbell <> wrote:
> Hi James, this JMSXUserID feature is great, however I had a few
> problems using it so I have a couple of questions and possible
> enhancements for the documentation.
> I first tried to use
> javax.jms.Message.getStringProperty("JMSXUserID"), but that always
> returned null, so I found out that I had to cast the message and use
> ActiveMQMessage.getUserId().

Hmm, thats strange - we've a test case called
JmsTopicSendReceiveWithEmbeddedBrokerAndUserIDTest which uses the
following code which works fine...

String userID = message.getStringProperty("JMSXUserID");

I wonder can you create a test case taht fails to return the JMSXUserID?

> Is that the intended usage or should you be able to get it via a
> property? If not, can we add something to the JMSXUserID web page that
> documents this with an example?

No it should work

> Also, I'll have a patch soon that fixes what looked like a problem
> with the userid never getting set in the broker. It's part of a larger
> patch which enhances the SSL security Sepand contributed last week.

Great. Note that currently the JMSXUserID header is only set i you
enable it on the BrokerService
via the populateJMSXUserID flag.



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