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From Rob Lugt <>
Subject Re: Topic consumer appears throttled
Date Mon, 25 Sep 2006 13:52:35 GMT

> I wonder if you run a Java based consumer at the same time - does the
> Java consumer slow down too or is it just the C# one? If you just run
> the Java consumer, does it still slow down? Am wondering if its a C#
> specific issue

I tried the ConsumerTool from the Java examples. It doesn't suffer the same
fate, which probably explains why you've not seen this before.

> BTW I wonder if you get the same results with a java producer too?

Ah, good question. I tried publishing 1500 messages with the example
PublisherTool.  This time the results were worse.  The first time I ran it,
the c# program kept up with the flow, but it took a few seconds for the
publisher to publish the full 1500 messages.  I reckoned this was nto a good
test because the consumer was probably never more than 1000 messages in
arrears, so I attempted to spped up the producer by redirecting the console
to a file like so:
ant producer > rob.out

This did indeed speed up the producer, but the results were not encouraging. 
The Java producer completed okay, but the C# consumer only received 751
messages.  I tried running the producer again (with the consumer still
active) but this time the producer hung after sending message 160 and sent
no more. After a few minutes I decided to kill it.  When I then attempted to
close the consumer it also hung whilst attempting to disconect from the

I reran this scenario a few times. The results were random, but repeatable.
Occasionally the consumer received it's full compliment of messages and all
was fine, but usually it received a few hundred and then hung. The producer
would tend to hang some time shortly after the consumer.

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