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From Rob Lugt <>
Subject Topic consumer appears throttled
Date Fri, 22 Sep 2006 16:59:04 GMT


I'm hoping to use AMQ for a stock price publishing system, so high
throughput and low latency are important factors.  To verify that the kind
of throughput we are after is achievable I've created a very simple
producer/consumer pair based on the sample code in  

I've come across a potential problem where the consumer's receive rate
dramatically falls after the number of enqueued messages exceeds a certain
threshold.  I'm pretty sure I must be falling foul of a configuration
problem because the number 1000 seems to be significant.  

If the publisher sends 1000 messages, the consumer happilly receives them in
a couple fo seconds. But, if I configure the publisher to send 1500 messages
in quick succession, I see a perculiar pattern: the consumer receives the
first 300 messages quickly, it then receives the next 200 messages very
slowly (approx 5 msgs/s) until there are exactly 1000 messages left in the
queue and then it speeds through the last 1000 in just 2 seconds. If I
increase the number of messages sent, the same pattern remains i.e. the
consumer runs slowly until only 1000 messages remain then speeds up!

  Client 1 and Client 2 both running on a single workstation, connecting via
OpenWire using NMS
  AMQ 4.0.1 Broker running on separate machine (Windows 2003 Server, J2SE

Client 1 opens a session and publishes n (non-persistent) messages to a
single topic.
Client 2 opens a session and registers a listener on the same topic.

I've tried various options to overcome this, none of which seem to have had
any impact.
On connection uri I have: jms.useAsyncSend=true&consumer.dispatchAsync=false
On Topic name I have: jms.useAsyncSend=true&consumer.dispatchAsync=false

Any ideas/solutions gratefully received.

Best regards
Rob Lugt

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