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From michael_hk <>
Subject Re: [newbie] Confused: javax.jms.Message vs ActiveMQMessage
Date Fri, 15 Sep 2006 03:36:52 GMT

Hi Adrian,

Thanks for your clear explanation.


Adrian Co wrote:
> Hi,
> Usually you use the interface (Message and Destination), if you want 
> your JMS client to be JMS vendor neutral. You use ActiveMQMessage and 
> ActiveMQDestination if you want to use ActiveMQ specific functions or 
> properties. Downside is it will be harder to port to another JMS 
> provider as you are using ActiveMQ specific classes.
> Another difference is you could instantiate directly ActiveMQMessage and 
> ActiveMQQueue. i.e. Queue q = new ActiveMQQueue("TEST.FOO");
> But to be vendor neutral, you should use 
> session.createQueue("TEST.FOO"),  which will return a Queue object, but 
> the actual implementation is still ActiveMQQueue.
> Hope these helps.
> michael_hk wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I just started to learn JMS and am confused by javax.jms.Message and
>> ActiveMQMessage. I know Message is an interface and ActiveMQMessage is a
>> class implementing the Message interface. But I don't know when to use
>> which? I only saw most examples using Message.
>> Similar problems for Destination vs ActiveMQDestination, Queue vs
>> ActiveMQQueue. Thanks for your time.
>> Michael

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