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From Jon <>
Subject Re: Firewall
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2006 13:34:54 GMT

I gave it a vote.

This problem should be a quite common problem i would guess. Accessing a
broker behind firewall would simply not be done without reusing the
connection from the broker behind firewall. So if a broker outside a
firewall detects brokers inside the firewall (by the inside connecting to
the outside), it should make the broker inside the firewall available to all
other brokers on the outside-network. So if it was possible to build a
network of brokers and address them by an unique name, and let all brokers
know of everybody - i quess the problem was solved.

Since my network topology often is a mix of firewalls i have no control over
and them i have control over, i really need something like this.

Anyone who knows of a JMS project supporting this? 


Komandur wrote:
> Its the 'first' case .... 'server' broker needs to connect to to the
> 'client' broker inside the firewall for message flow 
> from 'server' to the 'client' broker.
> Interestingly, I just filed a jira related to this - check out AMQ-920 and
> vote if you are interested in seeing it addressed.
> Jon wrote:
>> hi,
>> I've just started look into activeMQ (latest version). 
>> My 'problem' is using several brokers which are behind
>> firewalls('clients'), communicating to a single broker outside the
>> firewall ('server').
>> The server subscriber subscribes to a separate topic on all brokers
>> behind the firewalls (clients), and the clients subscribers subscribe to
>> its own topic on the server broker.
>> The communication is then:
>> client connects to server and receives its messages and the server
>> receives the messages from the client...
>> My question is really; When the client behind firewall connects - will
>> the server broker need to connect to the client broker with its own
>> connection (to receive its messages on the client), or will it reuse the
>> connection created by the client ? If the first is the case i'll have
>> problems...
>> -Jon

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