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From YM <>
Subject Beginner need help starting
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2006 08:54:06 GMT


Here's the situation:
Whe are now using Websphere MQ to transfer files (text/binary) between 3
hosts (2 Windows, 1 Unix).
For example on one hand, a file is put in a "inbox" forler. It's then
transferred by MQ to a queue on a remote machine. A Shell/BAT script is used
on the remote machine to get the files/messages out of the queue and then
process them.

My problem is: I have no Idea of how to achieve this using ActiveMQ. 

I successfully installed ActiveMQ on a Unix (Linux RHEL4) host, and can use
the provider/consumer sample, or launch a Broker. But as I'm new to this, I
don't know how to
. Configure a queue, and have a broker permanently accepting entries on the
queue - configure multiple queues
. Insert a file in the queue from host 1 to be sent on host 2
. Retrieve files from the queue

I've tried using HermesJMS (v1.10). It's working locally, but can't find how
to set up the "remote" thig. And furthermore, it can't be automated or
scripted, which is not good for me.
I've tried ServiceMix, but I don't think it's the right thing.
I've tried to setup the WebConsole, but it won't work : throws lots of
errors though Maven 2.0.4 is installed.

I haven't been able to find any info in the Documentation (nor anywhere
else), no tutorials, anything.

So would you please guide me, at least on the general steps I'll have to do
to have something as functionnal (and simple) to use as WebSphere MQ ? 

Thanks in advance,


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