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From # Lalit Nagpal # <>
Subject Re: status -1 when establishing socket connection - SocketException
Date Wed, 13 Sep 2006 08:40:05 GMT

Here are my findings for people new to C++ and trying to compile activemq-cpp
with vs .net 2003. If you are using maven for building the library here are
some inputs for you. I found out all this a very hard way and dont want the
other new comers to go the same way.

Make sure that the following are done 

1. In win32-msvc folder file pom.xml , put the following tag in appropriate
Since I have my project properties setting "Code generation" as
"Multi-threaded Debug DLL (/MDd)". 
I should also compile the activemq-cpp library also in the appropriate way
so i kept this tag under the 
instead of the <profile>release

2. In the <compiler.options> tag add a switch /GR (note both are upper case)
- this would enable RTTI ... 
Do this setting for both release and debug just to be in sync.
if you dont put this on you run into the error rtti_object not found ....

3. All the linking errors that come to you during compile with maven (mvn -e
package command run under the win32-msvc directory)
Will be gone if the above approach is followed. 

It basically is a miss - match if we dont keep the project settings of vs
.net 2003 and the pom.xml compiler options in sync
and can give really wierd results.

Hope that would help the newcomers like me to avoid any wastage of time.


Lalit Nagpal

# Lalit Nagpal # wrote:
>     // Attempt the connection to the server.
>     status = ::connect( socketHandle, 
>                         ( const sockaddr * )&target_addr, 
>                         sizeof( target_addr ) );
> 	cout << "stat ... is " << status << endl;
>     if( status < 0 ){
>         close();
>         throw SocketException( __FILE__, __LINE__, 
>             "Socket::connect - %s", ::strerror( errno ) );
>     }
> This piece of code in tcpsocket.cpp throws a socket exception when trying
> to run the activemq cpp client with vs .net 2003 ... 
> OS is Win XP. Any hints would be really helpful. What could b the possible
> reasons of the socketexception.
> Thanks in advance

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