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From kentdorsey <>
Subject Re: JDBC persistence and slow scanning of removal of old messages
Date Sat, 09 Sep 2006 07:09:23 GMT

Paul Smith-2 wrote:
> We had a producer-consumer across the network using a topic, not  
> durable, but no TTL set on the messages, and I can't see anywhere  
> where it would set this as persistent, but somehow the messages are  
> appearing in the ACTIVEMQ_MSGS table, and are set with an expiration  
> value of 0, which means they never get deleted by the periodic task  
> in activemq that deals with that.  Now, as it turns out we don't need  
> this producer-consumer anymore, so we're removing the code, but why  
> would a Topic message not explicitly set for persistence or durable  
> subscription be put in the DB in the first place?

Taken from javax.jms.Message:

          The message producer's default delivery mode is PERSISTENT.

Running into a similar problem with 3.2.1 on a client's project with the
not being removed in a network of brokers on topics with non-durable

Several related JIRA issues and forum messages recommend an upgrade to 4.x,
but the project may not be able to do this, due to JMS version issues,
if J2EE 1.4 is required.

I notice that in related JIRA issues that the _consequences_ of persistent
not being removed for topics and queues are addressed, but not the
issue of why they were not being removed in the first place.

Trying to track down the issue in the source, but the logic for
and removing persisted non-durable topic messages is taking some time to

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