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From StrongBad <>
Subject RE: Can't build ActiveMQ - Unable to download the artifact
Date Wed, 06 Sep 2006 18:08:02 GMT

tabish121 wrote:
> Maven is trying to download all the dependencies that the Application
> you are trying to build needs so that you don't have too.  Who would of
> thunk it, a build system that tries to make your life easier?

A laudable intention. In practice it seems to have quite the opposite
result, however!

tabish121 wrote:
> If the destination is unreachable then you can go to the site and get
> the JAR file yourself and install it into you own local repo. 

Thanks for the tip.

tabish121 wrote:
> Are you just looking to install a Broker

I like to make sure I can build any Open Source I use in a project.

tabish121 wrote:
> No actually it's, "Hey, let's make a build system that eliminates all
> the work and tedium needed to build, test, and deploy an application."
> But I can see how you could confuse the two. 

Indeed. Maven may well be an example of the famous software engineering
antipattern I've seen again and again over the past quarter century:

              "This time, let's solve every problem!"

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