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From nkiesel <>
Subject AQ 4.0.1 networkconnectors don't reconnect
Date Sun, 03 Sep 2006 21:28:22 GMT


I have a setup of 2 Java apps (named "prim" and "sec") with embedded
brokers.  The connection between the brokers is a network connector. There
are a couple of queues that are forwarded from "prim" to "sec". Restarting
"prim" restores the connection. However, if I restart "sec", the connection
is broken (i.e. no messages are forwarded from "prim" to "sec" anymore). 
The only way out I found so far is to restart "prim" as well.

The XML for the "prim" broker contains:
      <networkConnector name="sec" uri="static://(tcp://sec:61618)"
          <queue physicalName="compile.>"/>
          <queue physicalName="seccompile.>"/>

is this expected to not reconnect?  I also tried various other forms of uri
like "static://(failover://(tcp:sec:61618))" and I also tried to set the
initialReconnectDelay parameter, but all this made no difference.

In case you wonder why I use 2 brokers: "sec" also uses some local queues
and must work even if "prim" is down.


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