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From Manuel Teira <>
Subject Re: QueueBridge and remote broker reconnections
Date Wed, 27 Sep 2006 15:08:42 GMT
Rob Davies escribió:
> Hi Manuel,
> this looks like a good catch! Would mind opening a jira on this - just 
> so it's easier to track - I'll look at this as soon as I can
> cheers,

Thanks. Rob. I've been experimenting further, and have made some changes 
to allow a DestinationBridge to get its Connections changed. I've 
created the new abstract methods:

protected abstract void setConnectionForConsumer(Connection 

protected abstract void setConnectionForProducer(Connection 

And implemented them into the subclasses QueueBridge and TopicBridge, 
just checking the casting to the right java.jms.Connection subclasses.

Also, I've changed the abstract method restartProducerConnection of 
JmsConnector to make it return the new connection and so, be able to 
inject it back into the DestinationBridge making use of the new setter 

Also a pair of changes in DestinationBridge onMessage method to manage 
correctly (I expect) the (now attribute) variable 'attempt'.

I don't know if this is the path to follow, but it seems to work fine. 
Anyway, I think that only *new messages* are being sent to the remote 
bridged broker, and no the ones that were first tried during the remote 
broker failure.


> Rob
> On 27 Sep 2006, at 14:48, Manuel Teira wrote:
>> Hello.
>> Looking at the code in DestinationBridge 
>> (, I see that when the deliver of a 
>> message to the remote broker fails, there's a counter implemented as 
>> the var 'attempt' that seems to be thought to mark fails and try to 
>> restart the producer.
>> But, shouldn't that variable be a member of the DestinationBridge 
>> class instead of a local variable of the onMessage member method? In 
>> this way, the var is always initialized to zero for every onMessage 
>> call. So, restartProducer is never called:
>>     public void onMessage(Message message) {
>>         if (started.get() && message != null) {
>>             int attempt = 0;
>>             try {
>>                 if (attempt > 0) {
>>                     restartProducer();
>>                 }
>> ...
>> In my tests, I've tryed changing the var 'attempt' to be an object 
>> member. Now, restartProducer() is called but it seems that the new 
>> connection is not being used. Looking at the code, I don't understand 
>> how calling
>> jmsConnector.restartProducerConnection()
>> is really changing the environment of
>> createProducer()
>> in the QueueBridge subclass.
>> For example, for the QueueBridge subclass, createProducer is using 
>> the member producerConnection:
>>     protected MessageProducer createProducer() throws JMSException{
>> producerSession=producerConnection.createQueueSession(false,Session.AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE);

>>         producer = producerSession.createSender(null);
>>         return producer;
>>     }
>> but I think that this is not related anymore with the 
>> JmsQueueConnector outboundQueueConnection, that is the only affected 
>> member in jmsConnector.restartProducerConnection(). I don't ever know 
>> how or who, in the initialization is setting up the QueueBridge 
>> producerConnection member, calling, I suppose, setProducerConnection.
>> I think that a solution to this should be to be able to change the 
>> producerConnection of QueueBridge when we are restarting the 
>> Producer. But for that, we should need to implement  restartProducer 
>> in the DestinationBridge subclasses.
>> Any hint or idea? I really need to have remote bridge reconnections 
>> working urgently, so please, if you need further info, make me know.
>> Regards.

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