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From gabriel kastenbaum <>
Subject Re: Reliable multicast with JGroups and a network of brokers
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2006 08:49:38 GMT
Hiram Chirino a écrit :
> On 9/18/06, gabriel kastenbaum <> wrote:
>> Hi everybody,
>> I am rather new in ActiveMQ and I have some difficulties trying to setup
>> a network of brokers using multicast and JGroups. In fact in some
>> aspects I am not even very sure about how things really work.
>> We have several centers communicating together using a not very reliable
>> network. Every client can send and receive a message, from any part of
>> the network. And the "network of brokers" should be in charge of the
>> transport of the message between the brokers.
> BTW: tcp is usually a better choice of communication between nodes
> where the network is not very reliable.  So the default mutlicast
> discovery + tcp communication between nodes that ActiveMQ uses should
> be perfect for your scenario.
The network here is not reliable.  But it is also a small capacity. And 
the confioguration is : one center sending messages to several (between 
20 and 40) local systems.
That is why reliable multicast seems to be the best idea, don't you think?

Could there be alternatives to JGroups to create a network of brokers 
with reliable multicast? Is JRMS a valid option?
Or will we have to use tcp instead of multicast? 
Or will we have to downgrade to ActiveMQ 3.x?

For the moment I would like to take a crack at gettoing it work - but 
this I will do it on my free time, which is not much :-), so I can not 
engage my word on taht but.. why not ? If you tell me where ar ethe 
source, i'll try (but I don't know when).

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