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From Adrian Co <>
Subject Re: Beginner need help starting
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2006 09:29:50 GMT

You can try:

I don't know if I understood your scenario, but you could try starting a 
broker in one machine, and just have JMS clients on the other machines. 
You can configure queues statically if you want refer to:

You can use JMS text messages, stream messages, or object messages 
depending on the data you want to transfer.

Hope any of these helps.

YM wrote:
> Hi,
> Here's the situation:
> Whe are now using Websphere MQ to transfer files (text/binary) between 3
> hosts (2 Windows, 1 Unix).
> For example on one hand, a file is put in a "inbox" forler. It's then
> transferred by MQ to a queue on a remote machine. A Shell/BAT script is used
> on the remote machine to get the files/messages out of the queue and then
> process them.
> My problem is: I have no Idea of how to achieve this using ActiveMQ. 
> I successfully installed ActiveMQ on a Unix (Linux RHEL4) host, and can use
> the provider/consumer sample, or launch a Broker. But as I'm new to this, I
> don't know how to
> . Configure a queue, and have a broker permanently accepting entries on the
> queue - configure multiple queues
> . Insert a file in the queue from host 1 to be sent on host 2
> . Retrieve files from the queue
> I've tried using HermesJMS (v1.10). It's working locally, but can't find how
> to set up the "remote" thig. And furthermore, it can't be automated or
> scripted, which is not good for me.
> I've tried ServiceMix, but I don't think it's the right thing.
> I've tried to setup the WebConsole, but it won't work : throws lots of
> errors though Maven 2.0.4 is installed.
> I haven't been able to find any info in the Documentation (nor anywhere
> else), no tutorials, anything.
> So would you please guide me, at least on the general steps I'll have to do
> to have something as functionnal (and simple) to use as WebSphere MQ ? 
> Thanks in advance,
> YM

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