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From peter anderson <>
Subject Re: receiveNoWait problem
Date Fri, 18 Aug 2006 09:37:54 GMT
James Strachan <james.strachan@...> writes:

> Does the instantiation of the consumer servlet create the consumer?
> Once a consumer is created messages are dispatched asynchronously to
> it; so if you create a consumer then immediately call receiveNoWait()
> then its typically gonna return null.
> > Even if I leave a number of minutes between these events the messages
> > are still not being found. However running them in a debugger does work
> > which suggest receiveNoWait() is failing.
> Maybe its the debugger adds enough time between the createConsumer()
> call and the receiveNoWait()
> > p.s. are there any admin tools I could use to look at messages
> > in the queue ?
> Yes...


Yes it does. I put in a 1 second delay and it now works fine.

At the moment I am running ActiveMQ from within Tomcat is this the 
best thing to do ?

If not how would I access ActiveMQ from my servlets ?

p.s. in the application I would have 100s of destinations - would this 
create a perfomance problem ?

Thanks for your help

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