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From peter anderson <>
Subject Re: receiveNoWait problem
Date Fri, 18 Aug 2006 08:35:52 GMT

James Strachan <james.strachan@...> writes:

> There's not heaps to go on so a few questions. Which version are you
> using? Do you create the consumers up front and reuse them for each
> request? Is there a time lag between sending a message and calling
> receiveNoWait()?
> Note that in ActiveMQ receiveNoWait() really and truly is that - we
> don't wait a single millisecond or request-response communication with
> the broker - if there is a message available it is returned without
> any delay.
> Some JMS providers interpret receiveNoWait() as a 'poll the broker and
> see if there is a message available and if so fetch it'. FWIW now we
> have support for pull based consumption we could consider adding this
> feature as an option if people want it - I suspect that might be the
> behaviour you are expecting.
> As a workaround try using a timeout of 1000 or something?


Thanks for your prompt replay. I am using ActiveMQ 4.0.1 running under 
Tomcat 5.5.17. I am calling the producer servlet first and then the consumer

Even if I leave a number of minutes between these events the messages 
are still not being found. However running them in a debugger does work 
which suggest receiveNoWait() is failing.

p.s. are there any admin tools I could use to look at messages 
in the queue ?

TIA Peter

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