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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Stomp Receipts
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2006 07:13:42 GMT
On 8/22/06, blueshed <> wrote:
> Because you're function waitForReceipt() cannot work if a message comes
> before a receipt if the subscription is activemq.prefetchSize=1 as the
> server will wait for an ack to the message before sending RECEIPT(SUBSCRIBE)
> and RECEIPT(ACK)! The server is waiting. RECEIPTs and ERRORs should be sent
> before MESSAGEs when the prefetch is 1 or not be part of the prefetch
> mechanism.
> Sorry to be confusing - it has been a long march for me to get to this
> point. Without this concept I cannot have a blocking send within a
> transaction where I handle both SEND and RECEIVE on the same thread.
> MESSAGE, ACK AND RECEIPT are all part of one message delivery as is

Am still a little confused here.

To create a single threaded blocking SEND, can't you send the message
then keep reading inbound commands until you find a RECEIPT for it -
putting any other inbound commands in a list to be processed after the
SEND is complete?

BTW are you trying to do request/response stuff here? If so I'd
recommend you create a subscription up front first before doing any



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