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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Clustered JDBC database as message store and network of brokers
Date Fri, 11 Aug 2006 12:13:22 GMT
On 8/11/06, Eugene Prokopiev <> wrote:
> I tried to use one clustered database for some brokers in assumption
> that every broker connected to database (but not connected into network)
> will see the same messages in queues and so there are no difference to
> which broker consumer will be connected.
> But my assumption is wrong. I can send message to one queue on broker,
> but another broker will not refresh the same queue relaing on database
> content.

Exactly. Each broker has its own dataabase.

> So, there are no way to create network of brokers in which every broker
> is ready to serve clients with same queue contents, am I right?

You can create a network of brokers each using their own database. In
a network each broker has its own queues and its own messages etc.
Only master-slave replicates messages to multiple brokers.

> It's possible to use network topology in which only one broker has
> message, so this message can be loosed on broker failure.

Only if you loose the persistent store. If you are using a clustered
JDBC database this is not the case

>  Another option
> is copy every message from master broker to slave broker, but in this
> case I can work with only one broker (master) at any point in time.

This is Master Slave. You can put multiple master-slave pairs into a
network if you really need that many brokers.

 In last release I can use only standart Master/Slave configuration
> described in, am I right?


> When release with Shared File System Master Slave and JDBC Master Slave
> will be available for production use?

When the 4.1 release goes out which should be soon.

> Where can I download snapshots
> with it support?

Grab the 4.1-SNAPSHOT (see the link on the download page)



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