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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: beginner needs help with topology
Date Wed, 09 Aug 2006 13:54:45 GMT
On 8/9/06, nkiesel <> wrote:
> >> Also what is the
> >> recommended way to XML-configure an embedded broker?
> >
> I read this, but the XML config require XBean/Spring which I currently don't
> use.

If you are not using the XML configuration then I'd suggest reading
the JavaDoc - starting wtih BrokerService...

also read this which shows the basic Java code to use..

>  I also found
> but there the nice
> connectionFactory.setBrokerXmlConfig("file:src/sample-conf/default.xml") is
> commented out and I also don't find it in the API.  So my code currently
> does
>   ActiveMQConnectionFactory aqcf = new
> ActiveMQConnectionFactory("vm://localhost");
>   Properties prop = new Properties();
>   prop.setProperty("brokerXmlConfig", "file:myCondig.xml"));
>   aqcf.populateProperties(prop);
> I did not try to run this yet though.

See this for more help

> Based on your advise, I simplified my topology to use an embedded broker in
> the master app and have the slave app read it's queue from there.  I
> currently don't envision more than one slave, so that should be ok.
> Thanks again for your comments.  Is there a place (wiki?) where I should
> post a summary of my setup once I'm done and it's actually working?

Sure that'd be great. I've created a page for example configurations..

There's a link to this page from here


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