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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Some very noob questions on running and configuring
Date Wed, 09 Aug 2006 13:25:54 GMT
On 8/9/06, cmose <> wrote:
> Ok, so I appreciate the time of anyone who bears with me on this. I've been
> reading through as many of the documents as I can find on activemq and I'm
> still scratching my head a little bit on a number of items.
> I'm looking at activemq as a standalone, "clusterable" jms "server" to
> handle messaging between several servers. Sadly I'm having a hard time
> piecing together configuration information, specifically what exactly I need
> to do to get this up and running and configured. I see that there is an
> example activemq configuration file however, it doesn't strike me as being
> teribly clear and there doesn't seem to be a reference for the various tags
> and elements listed in the configuration file.


> Could anyone point me to a
> steps 1, 2, and 3 kind of example for getting activemq up and running and
> configured? (it's very possible that I've missed that in my perusal of the
> documents thus far).


> Furthermore, I'm still a bit confused on the use of activemq and jndi, the
> application I'm working on is a pojo application and we're actually looking
> to get rid of our container altogether (weblogic currently) as we were just
> using it for jms. I'm not sure I really follow what needs to happen to use
> jndi to lookup an activemq connection factory (I saw the section on spring
> but that doesn't really clarify it for me).

If you are using Spring then there's really no need to use JNDI at all
- just wire stuff together with Spring.

> And lastly (lord I know, its a lot of questions), it's very possible that my
> understanding of spring is not what it should be (although we are going to
> try using it, just haven't gotten that far yet), but this quote from the
> documentation confused me a bit
> "We support full message driven pojo support in Spring by using Jencks. This
> provides all the power of MDBs - efficient JMS consumption and pooling of
> the message listeners - but without requiring a full EJB container."
> I'm not really clear on why jencks would be required to support pojo
> messaging - again, perhaps I'm misunderstanding activemq here, but I was
> under the impression that activemq could run as a standalone jms provider
> and the fact that one was using spring or something else would be
> irrelevant, can anyone help me further understand this?

The thing jencks gives you is the ability to pool POJOs, connections
and sessions to get efficient JMS consumption together wtih managing
thread pools and dealing with transactions & XA.

If you are happy with a single thread processing the inbound messages,
just create a connection, session and MessageListener and you are
totally fine without using Jencks.



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