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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: HA features
Date Tue, 08 Aug 2006 09:10:41 GMT
On 8/7/06, superuser <> wrote:
> Hi i was trying to set up a HA broker config via Master/Slave according to
> the following:
> The fact that there is no automatic fail-back makes using this option *very*
> difficult to support in a production environment.

There is automatic failover support if you have a shared database or
shared file system...

> Specifically, once the
> cluster has failed over to the secondary broker (which as documented seems
> to work fine), the cluster cannot be recovered without the downtime required
> to stop the SECONDARY, copy the datafiles, start the PRIMARY. This makes
> routine maintenance of the PRIMARY impossible, because as soon as this
> happens you are not HA without the required downtime & interruption of
> service required to fail back to the primary.

You can have multiple master-slave pairs. So you can take down one
master/slave pair, clients will fail over to another masters/slave

> I am not intimataly familiar with the internals of ActiveMQ, but it seems to
> me that the easiest way to fix this would be some way of allowing the
> primary to turn into the secondary (and visa-versa) when it comes back
> online. This alone should be enough to allow the cluster to continue
> servicing requests.  If a the new primary (old secondary) then needs to be
> taken down (maintenance, failure) it then swaps back to the secondary role.
> Thoughts?

Sounds great - we just need some volunteers to design it, develop it
and test it :)

> Are there any current JIRA issues i should be tracking WRT this
> functionality, or should i create a new request?

I just did a quick query to check and no its not been raised in JIRA
yet. I've created one for you here...



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