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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Bad AcitveMQ 4 and Jacorb 1.3.30 Interactio0n
Date Sat, 05 Aug 2006 06:02:36 GMT
The quickest way to disable JMX is via the <broker useJmx="false">...
option in the XML (or the BrokerService.setUseJmx(false) if you are
using Java code)..

Your issue is probably that by default the remote management context XML

defines a naming server. So you could change the port....

       <managementContext connectorPort="1099"

and keep the JMX functionality

On 8/5/06, Dave Cameron <> wrote:
> I'm trying to migrate our application framework from ActiveMQ 3 to ActiveMQ 4
> and am having trouble with an interaction with Jacorb.
> What I see is a Jacorb client cannot connect to it's server now that the
> project has been migrated to ActiveMQ 4.
> What I think is going on is the JMX functionality has messed with the JVM
> config in such a way that Jacorb can no longer configure itself properly.
> Doesn't JMX use RMI over IIOP for communications???
> I've been able to initialize Jacrob first then bring up ActiveMQ with
> settings that I thought disabled the JMX functionality.  ActiveMQ comes up
> but throws strange exceptions related to jmx even though I thought I shut it
> off.
> What I am wanting to know is if there is a way to cleanly remove the JMX
> functionality completely.
> Another thought is if there is a way to run JMX over some other transport so
> it stops bothering Jacorb.
> Getting rid of Jacorb is not a solution since it is required for
> intergrating with a product we don't make the decisions on.
> The 4 series looks great otherwise.  My team will be pleased if we can make
> the migration.
> Thanks in advance for any ideas.
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