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From "Hiram Chirino" <>
Subject Re: Distribution Chaos (Maven?)
Date Mon, 14 Aug 2006 16:52:27 GMT
Hi Stefan,

On 8/14/06, Stefan Arentz <> wrote:
> Now that I have your attention :-)
> I have a couple of questions regarding ActiveMQ versions and distributions.
> The web site mentions 3.2.2 as the latest from the 3.2 branch but the
> (Ibiblio) Maven 2 repository has 3.2.4. Is that a ghost release? Should I
> use that?

the 3.x branch has been making maintenance releases but has not been
advertising it since we want the community to switch over to the 4.0
branch which is being hosted at Apache.  The 3x branch is only
available from codehaus.  I would suggest you use 4.0.1 if possible.

> The 3.2.4 artifacts have a dependency on
> xmlbeans:xmlbeans-jsr173-api:jar:2.0-dev,
> activecluster:activecluster:jar:1.1-SNAPSHOT and
> which are all missing from the Maven 2
> repository.

Yes this can happen with maven.  You will have to find or build these
artifacts an manually install them into your local maven repo.

> When I try to use 3.2.2 there are 16 required artifacts missing.
> The Maven 2 repository has no signs of the final 4.0.x releases. Are those
> in another repository?

You will find the 4.0 and 4.0.1 release in the following maven 1 repo:
and in the following maven 2 repo:

> This is probable more Maven related, but I'll throw it in as a bonus :-) My
> project runs fine with just activemq-core and concurrent. Is there any way
> to prevent activemq sucking in the 50+ dependencies that I don't need?

I think this is more a maven related question.  If you want please
send us patches that fix our maven 2 pom so that it does not do  this
for you.

> It would be really nice if AM were properly distributed through Maven 2!
>  S.
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