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From John Heitmann <>
Subject Re: can network of brokers dothis feature?
Date Fri, 11 Aug 2006 10:15:19 GMT

On Aug 11, 2006, at 2:51 AM, Matthew Xie wrote:

> Hi every!
> I have two brokers, brokerA and brokerB.
> I want to brokerA and brokerB establish the feature of network of  
> brokers.
> when I send message to brokerA, it will passed the message to the  
> BrokerB.
> here I need to notice that if brokerB fail down, then the messages  
> be send
> to brokerA cann't pass the messages to the brokerB. can network of  
> brokers
> do this feature if brokerB startup all the message live in brokerA  
> could
> pass to brokerB if they reestablish the network of brokers.

Yup, network of brokers should be perfect for this.

> following is my conf. i try to do it , but failed. could some one  
> tell me is
> here something wrong??
> BrokerA:
>       <networkConnector name="broker19" uri="static://(tcp:// 
> ip1:61616)"
> failover="true" networkTTL="2">
>          name=bridgeA
>          dynamicOnly=false
>          conduitSubscriptions=true
>          decreaseNetworkConsumerPriority=false
>    			<staticallyIncludedDestinations>
>    				<queue physicalName="QP_TEST.Queue"/>
>    			</staticallyIncludedDestinations>
>       	<dynamicallyIncludedDestinations>
>       		<queue physicalName="QP_TEST.Queue"/>
>       	</dynamicallyIncludedDestinations>
>       </networkConnector>

Ah, you're getting that from 
brokers.html which looks like it has some bad character escaping or  
something going on. Try instead:

       <networkConnector name="broker19" uri="static://(tcp:// 
ip1:61616)" failover="true" networkTTL="2"/>

Once you get that working you can add the destination inclusions back  

If you're on linux you can run 'xmllint --noout activemq.xml' to get  
help showing ill-formed xml constructs in your config.


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