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From Muzza <>
Subject Re: [activemq-user] Re: Integrating with WebSphere
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2006 10:04:12 GMT

Hi Rami,

This is a belated reply but wondering if you might be able to help in
configuring WAS and AMQ.

We have followed a similar approach to that listed below by yourself, but we
now connect to an external jndi name prefixed with

However when our MDB reconnects to the above testQueue and it has data
against the queue we can't reconnect and WAS fails to start properly. Have
you come across any issues like this ?

If we clear down our testQueue so it has 0 messages on it then our mdb
connects fine and processes away.

I'm suspecting that dynamicQueues is attempting to create our testQueue
again, but this already exists, have you any experience of this ?


Ramzi Saba wrote:
> Assuming Websphere 5.x which is J2EE 1.3:
> 1- Define a Generic JMS Provider
> - Set the classpath to list all necessary ActiveMQ jars under
> ${WAS_INSTALL_ROOT}/lib/ext (make sure to actually copy the jars there)
> - Set the initial context factory to
> org.activemq.jndi.ActiveMQWASInitialContextFactory
> - Set the provider URL to the broker's URL,e.g. "reliable:tcp://host:port"
> 2- Configure a JMS Connection Factory for the newly defined provider,
> e.g. jms/QueueConnectionFactory and/or jms/TopicConnectionFactory
> 3- Configure JMS destinations as needed, e.g. "MyQueue" and "MyTopic" as
> external JNDI names
> 4- Set custom properties of the provider to map external JNDI names as
> follows:
> - java.naming.connectionFactoryNames = ConnectionFactory (whatever you
> set as external JNDI name for the connection factory in step 2)
> - java.naming.queue.MyQueue = MyQueue
> - java.naming.topic.MyTopic = MyTopic
> 5- Create a Message Listener Port for message-driven beans:
> - Set the connection factory JNDI, e.g. "jms/QueueConnectionFactory"
> - Set the destination JNDI, e.g. "jms/MyQueue"
> 6- Restart WAS
> Hope this works :)
> -ramzi
> jstrachan wrote:
>>baichenhong wrote:
>>>Could someone please provide me the details of configuring ActiveMQ with 
>>>Websphere.I was unable to find anything about this.
>>Which version of Websphere? It kinda depends on if its J2EE 1.4 or not.
>>Also do you need to use MDBs or would using a WAR / or Message Driven
>>POJOs be OK?
> -- 
> Ramzi Saba
> Optaros, Inc -

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