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From kaipa <>
Subject Re: Bad AMQ Linux performance
Date Fri, 25 Aug 2006 14:24:09 GMT

>> No this does not work. If I specify tcpNoDelay option -- I can not
>> connect to
>> the broker.
> Why, what's the error?

It waits forever.

>> Anyway, I doubt that it can make such a big difference.
> I do otherwise I wouldn't have taken the time to make the patch to the
> code and then wrttien an email to you about it :)
> This setting toggles on and off whether or not TCP waits for the
> packet to fill up before its sent to the other process. Turning it on
> and off can have a massive effect on performance (latency versus
> throughput). You are seeing a latency issue.

Yes, maybe. But I have never experienced anything similar before with same

>> There is something
>> else that blocks transactions. Note, if I turn transactions off --
>> everything works fast on Linux as well.
> Are you using persistence? If not I think the transactions are a bit
> of a red herring as when using non persistence without transactions we
> do everything asynchronous anyway. Persistent messaging should be
> compariable in performance between transactions and no transactions.

Yes, I am using persistence. But as I noted in one of previous posts, if I
turn persistence off -- the same, linux broker is slow in transactional


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