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From "massive.boisson" <>
Subject Re: maxInactivityDuration
Date Thu, 17 Aug 2006 08:49:41 GMT

Ah, thanks, I think I follow.

What worries me is what does inactive connection mean? I want my connection
to be open even though it is inactive. And stay open, as long as the client
is still there. 

I guess maxInactivityDuration is exactly what I need. As long as client
sends 'tiny little command' to broker, broker will consider it open. 
If it stops sending, it will know that client disappeared for some reason
and I suppose perform some kind of cleaning.



James.Strachan wrote:
> This feature is used by the broker to detect inactive connections. On
> some platforms sockets don't die for a very long time - sometimes many
> hours. So the inactivity timeout on the broker allows a more early
> warning system that a connection is dead - or to detect a frozen
> client where the socket is alive but the client is hung on something.
> The KeepAliveInfo is a tiny little command sent from time to time by
> clients if they have not sent any commands to the broker in while to
> make sure the broker knows its alive and well and not locked up. So
> its a heart-beat which is only sent in periods of inactivity.
> On 8/17/06, jerremy <> wrote:
>> I am trying to figure out what is this property:
>> maxInactivityDuration . Defined in docs as: "The maximum inactivity
>> duration
>> (before which the socket is considered dead) in milliseconds.  Use by
>> some
>> transports to enable a keep alive heart beat feature".
>> I am running my broker on windows.
>> I see:
>> "DEBUG InactivityMonitor - No message sent since last write check,
>> sending a
>> KeepAliveInfo"
>> every whatever-many-seconds maxInactivityDuration property is set to.
>> From said behaviour I gather that it is keeping connection live by
>> sending
>> some trafic.
>> But from its name and explanation I thought it was measuring the time of
>> inactivity on this connection before it considers it dead, and thus
>> closes
>> it ?
>> Or in other words, why would I use this feature?
>> Thanks,
>> Jerremy
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