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From jorussel <>
Subject Re: network of brokers with embedded endpoints
Date Tue, 15 Aug 2006 14:33:04 GMT

Could anyone help me this configuration.  Thanks.

jorussel wrote:
> I've gotten an embedded broker to work to send intra-JVM messages using
> the vm://localhost url in the ActiveMQConnectionFactory constructor.  I
> have also used the XML to configure the standalone network of brokers
> which pass messages to each other ( really slowly, but I'll work on
> performance later ).  
> What I am having a tough time with is how to get the embedded broker to
> pass messages using the vm transport ( method calls from what I read ) for
> messages that are only subscribed to  by local components, and to send
> messages to the network of brokers if there are consumers out there.  
> I've tried the url 
> vm:broker:(tcp://remotehost:61616)
> thinking that it would create a vm broker for local traffic and connect up
> to remotehost for everything else, but what I got was the following error:
> Could not connect to broker URL:
> vm:broker:(tcp://remotehost:61616)?jms.copyMessageOnSend=false. Reason:
> Cannot assign requested address
> followed by lots of
>  Could not connect to broker URL: vm:broker:(tcp://remotehost:61616).
> Reason: Journal is already opened by this application
> So I'm guessing its trying to open a port for _listening_ on the
> remotehost which would obviously fail.  
> So I guess what my question comes down to is what is the magic for
> configuring a store and forward embedded broker that uses
> DemandForwardingBridge to determine if it can just use the vm transport to
> deliver a message locally or the tcp transport to send it up to the
> network of brokers for handling . 
> Thanks ( I know the directions say to avoid small talk.  Sorry, couldn't
> help it. )
> John
> James.Strachan wrote:
>> Create your embedded brokers configured to store and forward to remote
>> brokers then run one or two remote brokers to act as the hub of your
>> federated network.
>> Use the XML to configure the network...
>> On 8/7/06, John Russell <> wrote:
>>> I have been reading the documentation on the main site and digging
>>> through the forums for a while now.  I think I have figured out the
>>> deployment type I need but I am having trouble figuring out how to
>>> configure it.  Help would be greatly appreciated.
>>> Requirements:
>>> - Many components communicate with each other through JMS messages.
>>> They can be co-located in the same JVM or on separate boxes.
>>> - Reliable message delivery and fault tolerance.
>>> What I think I need for deployment:
>>> - Network of brokers to allow for scaling up by adding brokers.
>>> - DemandForwardingBridge on all brokers to only forward messages when
>>> consumers are subscribed to the topics.
>>> - Embedded vm:// broker in each JVM where all co-located
>>> component's messages are delivered in memory if no-one off box is
>>> subscribed and have the embedded broker forward messages off box to
>>> the central brokers for message forwarding.
>>> Note that I don't think I want peer brokers where all the embedded
>>> brokers talk to each other.  I want embedded ones which then connect
>>> to a network cloud of brokers which do their magic and deliver
>>> messages to other components.
>>> What I have now:
>>> - Connection configured by passing a url to the
>>> ActiveMQConnectionFactory object.  I can get all the components in the
>>> same JVM to talk using vm://localhost where the first connection
>>> started creates the embedded broker.  Wonderful.
>>> I can also get components on different boxes to talk by having a
>>> separate activeMQ process running and using the tcp://<hostname>:61616
>>> url.  However, this sends all messages, even intra-JVM messages out to
>>> the broker.
>>> I can't seem to figure out how to set up the embedded brokers as part
>>> of a DemandForwardingBridge network of brokers.  I'll name one of my
>>> child's stuffed animals after you if you can help me.  Thanks a lot.
>>> John
>> -- 
>> James
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